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This is the Honda Element Wiki.

2023-05-23 - update

If you're really an Elemental and want to participate, please, don't do it yet. The spam bots are still laying siege to this site and I'm just nuking hundreds of attempts a day. Legit folks will get nuked in the process if you try...

Still trying to get the anti spam features working. They don't make it easy (they don't document). Thanks folks.

2023-05-21 update below I cannot express how frustrating mediawiki is to secure. This server, just by it being on the internet is getting hammered by hundreds of spam attempts per hour. This is not an exaggeration. It's absolutely astounding.

I am gaining an understanding of how mediawiki does its thing, but it's a difficult row to hoe. They do NOT make it easy. Extensions that are supposed to help prevent spam make the wiki unusable, with no suitable error. The support system is epically minimal. Live people are very hard to find and only on IRC. And when you get there, they're slow to respond.

This is frustrating. But I will make it work.

This is going to become a "registered users only, you must be approved wiki". Because, quite honestly, the spammers are completely owning mediawiki installs all over. And mediawiki doesn't really give a @#$% about that. "All open, all the time" is their mantra. So, you have to work it out. If anyone has a how-to they know of, please let me know. I'm elementopedia at g mai1 d0t com

FSCK! In 27 years of working on internet connected communities, it's never been this hard to make shit happen.

Edit made by new account as a test

MediaWiki has been installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started